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Our Story


About Ray Rybak

As a young man of 8 years old, always had a fishing rod in hand.  My Dad and I would spend many mornings, afternoons and evenings on lakes and streams. Fishing was my outlet and quality of life for me my family . Now that I am a bit more mature, I have the opportunity to do what I always dreamed of, making my own fishing lutes. Over the past few years,  I have had a chance to design and test what I feel is a great series of lures.

I am now in the process of making my dreams come true. Doing what I enjoy and sharing my designs through Superstitious Lures. The name of the company is engrained is every fisherman.  Every fishing person is superstitious., and so am I!

The manufacturing of the SSL is located within the great Reno Tahoe area, where the our testing ground is high sierra lake’s and streams,  the world renown Pyramid lake and the jewel of the sierras Lake Tahoe.

– Ray Rybak