Casting and Trolling Spoons and Fishing Lures

A thin-bladed fishing spoon that has been producing great fishing experiences for fisher-men, women and children. Used for trolling, stream fishing, ladder-fishing, dock fishing, casting or even ice fishing! The lures that we create and sell are one of a kind and unique, so you know that you will be getting a high quality product. You can count on us to get you the best quality fishing lures available. We use the highest quality components and materials.


What makes our lures so special?

They are fish proven and work for many different fish species! Each and every fishing lure is handcrafted right here in Sparks, Nevada by us.  We don’t order bulk spoons from some big manufacturer and then just slap a logo on it. No way! Our lures our 100% made in the USA.

Whether you have been referred to us by another satisfied customer or have stumbled upon us on your own, you have made the right choice by visiting Superstitious Lures. This is where you should go to get the best quality handmade fishing spoons.

The most important mission for the personnel at Superstitious Lures, it is to make fishing more enjoyable and productive for those anglers who use our merchandise.

Custom fishing spoons well suited for nearly any type of fishing

Trout, Salmon, Steelhead, Lakers, Bass, Kokanee, Cutthroat, Browns – whatever you are fishing for, with many different size/color combinations, we probably make what you need!

We carry all the ‘normal’ colors in 4 different sizes. Ranging from 1 & 3/8″ long to 2 & 7/8″.  Metals, Fluorescent, Holographic Glitters, – The Full Spectrum of fish attractors.

See our store for full descriptions and sizes.